Action 1 - report in English

publié le 4 mai 2016 (modifié le 28 juin 2016)

Which climate changes are projected by 2100 in France? What are the impacts expected on transport infrastructures and networks? Which technical documents and standards have to be updated to anticipate climate change? What are the climate precisions therefore necessary?

This report responds to action 1 of the national climate change adaptation plan, which aims to allow for the adaptation of these infrastructures to climate change.
Various international and national reports contain projections of climate change : a rise in mean temperatures, changes in precipitation and wind systems, extreme events, rise in the sea level, etc. (IPCC, 2007, 2013 ; Peings, 2011, 2012 ; Planton, 2012).
After reviewing the main changes in the climate expected before 2100, this report presents the current impacts of the climate and the potential impacts of the expected changes in the climate on : highway infrastructures (including urban transport structures), earthworks, constructions, rail infrastructures, river, maritime and port infrastructures, airport infrastructures and, finally, transport systems and mechanical drag lifts.
In each of these domains of infrastructures, the technical reference documents for design, maintenance and operation, in which climate variables intervene, are listed and classified in three categories of priority of adaptation. Finally, a list is compiled of the climate projections required to adapt these reference documents.
This subsequent adaptation should allow future changes in the climate to be taken into consideration more effectively.

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